How does it work?

Find the most relevant media without doing anything

Enter some basic details about your project and our algorithm will search for the newspapers and blogs that can help your business the most. Our algorithm considers the media’s audience, the Google ranking and many other factors. Registration in less than 1 minute and results in as little as 15 seconds.

Determine the post’s features

Once you have chosen the media that you are interested in, you will be able to identify what special features you want the post to have: title, links to your project, content requirements, avoiding certain words etc.

Sit back and relax

Once the media accepts the order, you won’t have to do anything. We will make sure that all the features you requested are implemented and that the order is exactly as you requested.

Check that everything is OK

Once the order has been finalised, you will be able to check that everything is to your liking and you can make any comments or clarifications that you deem appropriate.

Access with no obligation (+ info)

Why sponsored content?

Controlled investment

Knowing what you are going to invest in a particular media allows you to analyse the return on investment, as well as avoid having to compete in markets with bidding systems that can damage your investment forecast.

Greater credibility

Several studies show that content that is perceived as “natural”, i.e. a post in a newspaper outlet, has greater credibility than an advert or advertising space.

Sustained over time

Many paid campaigns disappear when you stop investing. The sponsored content generated is permanent, i.e. a post in a newspaper will last as long as the newspaper does. Without having to pay to maintain it.

Improve your ranking

Sponsored content not only helps to improve your image and visibility in front of your customers, but also helps improve your ranking in search results such as Google.

Sponsored content to grow in the online world

Appearing in the media talking about your brand without labelling that content as advertising is your best resource for reputation campaigns. It is proven to generate greater credibility for the reader as it is perceived as natural, the post is maintained in the future and helps with rankings in Google. Is there anything that beats it?