2024 Link Building Report

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In this study, you will find a comprehensive analysis of over 9000 publications made by various professionals from the Hispanic community regarding sponsored content and link building.

The study addresses questions such as: What types of links are most prevalent? What types of websites are most in demand? In which sectors is it more common to integrate link building into their digital marketing strategies? and more.

    What you will find in this study

    The study consists of the following sections:

    1. Sample of the analysis

    The data selection used in this analysis comes from the complete set of activities and operations carried out by Growwer throughout the year 2023.

    2. Report

    We have structured the data and present it graphically, focusing on criteria relevant to our users, such as the expenditure made, the types of content, the results achieved in the publications, the priority sectors, and any other data that contributes to a global perspective of the sector. Below, we offer you an example:


    Destino de los enlaces

    3. Conclusions

    With the information provided in the previous section, we draw our own conclusions, for example:

    Regarding the destination pages of the links, the home page (‘Home’) continues to be the most prominent with 35.85%, which suggests that users continue to value the concentration of authority on the main page of a website. However, there is a notable interest in directing links to specific category and product pages, which could indicate a more focused and segmented strategy to direct traffic to specific areas that are intended to be enhanced or where a more direct conversion is sought.

    4. Opinions of the experts

    The Spanish-speaking community stands out for its growing activity in the field of SEO, gaining more and more international recognition. We have native speakers from Spain and Latin America, as well as experts from other languages who choose to give their talks in Spanish. This diversity contributes to making our community one of the most influential globally in the SEO sector during 2023.

    At Growwer, we understand the importance of continuing to enrich this community. That is why, in this study, we have included link building tips provided by some of the most prominent specialists in this field.

    5. Scams and poor practices

    Year after year, we detect new attempts at inappropriate practices. Some are repeated. We have included in our report an analysis of these practices observed during the year in various media and blogs, with the goal that they are known and can be identified by users. It is important to emphasize that non-compliance with our quality standards leads to immediate removal and blocking of the publication and the account involved.

    6. Recommendations for 2024

    In our study, to conclude, we present a series of suggestions for the year 2024, taking into account not only the evolution of SEO, but also the interpretation and exhaustive analysis of all the data that we have collected and examined.

    Who has participated in this study

    Along with the data and analysis carried out by our team at Growwer, we have decided to involve some experts from the Hispanic SEO community who provide us with their vision of link building. These professionals offer us their perspective on link building and content during 2023, as well as their expectations and projections for 2024:

    Clara Soteras

    Gemma Fontané

    Jordi Ordóñez

    Esteve Castells

    Natalia Witczyk

    Sara Fernández

    MJ Cachón

    Luis Villanueva