We manage your promoted content campaigns

Increase your visibility and your ranking on Google without doing anything. Our managers will take care of coordinating your campaigns and analyze the most appropriate media according to the investment you have available.

Advantages of the managed service

Expert manager working to maximize the return on your investment

Transparency in campaign management

Free management from 500€ monthly investment

No commitment or permanence

Access to private offers

Possibility to modify manager’s suggestions before launching them

No commitment. No permanence.

Starting the managed service is very easy, you only have to follow 4 steps:

Register or Login

Create your project or choose the already created project you are interested in managing

Click on the “Managed service” button.

You do not have to do anything else, in less than 12 hours we will contact you to manage it.

If you prefer, you can contact us at [email protected] or send us a message on our contact form here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the results guaranteed?

We cannot guarantee results as it depends on many factors external to us (Google update, content quality, project structuring, etc.). In more than 10 years the cases that have not grown have been minimal.

Is there permanence?

No, you can cancel the service at any time. The only thing you have to know is that the payment for one month of service is not refundable since we invest it in the purchase of media for your project.

Who will manage my project?

Your project will be managed by one of our project managers. Our team has more than 10 years of experience in sponsored content management, digital communication and search engine optimization.

What happens if I do not fit any of the proposed media?

No problem, in that case we will come back to you with a new proposal with the clarifications you make. You will be able to review up to 3 times a media to adjust it.

Will I be able to review the article before it is published?

Of course, before publishing the article you will be able to review it and make the contributions you consider appropriate.

How does the billing work?

From the total amount to be invested, we will choose the most suitable media without exceeding the amount you have indicated. From here we send you the media proposal for you to confirm. Once confirmed, we proceed to the purchase of the media. There is no handling fee on our part.

When do I have to top up my credit?

In order to start the campaign, we need a balance in the wallet. From that moment on and once you accept the media proposal we send you, we will start using it.

Can I modify my budget during the month?

During the month you can increase your budget. In that case we will apply the applicable discount according to the total amount invested. During the month you cannot reduce the budget since the campaigns are organized considering the minimum budget set.

What are the requirements to use the managed service?

You only need to have a digital project (website or application page) and invest a minimum of 500€ per month.

You can see other frequently asked questions here or talk to us directly.

It will be a pleasure to grow with you.

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