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Design and execute digital visibility campaigns at a professional level.

Everything Growwer can do for you

Sale of services or products

Publications with high sales potential

We apply algorithmic processes and artificial intelligence to recommend the media that your users read.

Adjusted investment returns

Appearance in general media with high impact, but above all in media themed to your audience.

Lead capture

Higher conversion

Our posts are not marked as advertising, which gives them a higher conversion rate.

Segmented strategies for each audience

Design of strategies focused on promoting customer acquisition according to vertical, theme or typology.

Traffic generation

Greater impact over time

Content in article format generates greater longevity for the traffic it captures because it is not deleted when you stop investing.

Qualified traffic

Our recommendation systems allow media publications to bring the user you are interested in.

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SERP Monopoly (SEO)

Aggressive positioning strategies

Top the first page of Google results with your project and the media we recommend.

Variety of publications

Take advantage of the possibility of inserting links to your project in content that is already positioned.

Online Reputation

Become a reference

Publications that reinforce value points and improve your brand’s image.

Mitigate a bad image

We design strategies to mitigate an impact on the media due to bad press.

Entity validation (SEO)

Improve your entity on the internet

Get social media or search engine reviewers to see your relevance when searching for your name or your brand.

Greater reputation in your content

We design strategies so that Google can include you in its knowledge graph

Visibility in “News”

Google News Module

Take advantage of the visibility of certain media or websites in Google News to enhance your reach.

Google Discover Module

We design strategies to mitigate an impact on the media due to bad press.


Frequently asked questions

No, registering and registering your project has no cost. Once the project is registered, our system will search and recommend the most similar media and the price of publishing in each of them. Only if you are interested in one should you add balance to be able to publish on it.

We cannot guarantee that the publication of these media will lead to an improvement in reputation or an increase in the positions of search engines such as Google. Be wary of any tool that promises those results.

Whether they don’t fit you, if you need more or know something that interests you, you will always have the option of asking us to help you or searching within our system. You will find the option within the proposed media page for your project as “Do you want to add more media?”

The time depends on each media and the difficulty of writing on the topic. Publications range from 2 days to 1 week in exceptional cases.

Of course, you can review it and make any contributions you consider appropriate. We will communicate these changes to the media in order to adapt them to your needs.

You will always receive the reasons that the media has given for canceling it. With that answer, you yourself can decide whether to request publication in that medium again or opt for another option.
In that case we recommend our managed service. With this service we take care of optimizing your investment according to your objectives and publishing preferences. There is no cost for more than €500 monthly investment, nor is there any permanence. If you want to know more about the service you can write to us via chat to better understand your needs.
Of course, the value of Growwer lies in finding the most suitable media for your business and your needs. What sense does it make for a fishmonger in a town in Seville to publish in a national newspaper when its audience reads the local newspaper? Our goal is to find that audience.

Growwer is used by companies in the internationalization phase of those listed on the stock market. Our media offering in more than 175 countries and the ability to adapt content to each language allow us to be as versatile as the different departments. If you want to know the different plans for large companies, you can contact us here.

We work with agencies at a national and international level. To speed up the process, we help you register projects and coordinate and plan the upload of publications. If you want to know the different plans for agencies, you can contact us here.

The important thing is not the quantity of media, but its quality and visibility. Our job is to offer you the media or blogs where your message will have the greatest possible reach, which is why we recommend that you carry out an initial campaign that allows you to evaluate results and increase them according to the results you are obtaining.

It depends on many factors and in links you always have to reward quality over quantity. The important thing is to obtain links from sites where potential clients can know about you. This will make you have an affinity with the reader and that link will be natural in the eyes of Google and productive for your business. If you don’t know where to start we can help you here.

They have great professionals who always add an extra plus to the campaigns unlike other tools. A very safe option for conducting a successful link building campaign.

Julio Domínguez

SEO Manager Ecommerce & Tech