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One of the main differences between Growwer and other tools or platforms is our improved ranking affinity system

But before explaining this success story, let’s show the data. As you can see here, in just one publication, the estimated cost of traffic was exceeded by more than $4,000 per month. Also exceeding the more than 420 organic keywords positioned, of which 140 are in Top10 to date:

This is a publication that was made by one of our clients to promote his website, thanks to Growwer’s algorithm selection. It sought to attack keywords with high traffic and CPC, but in a selective way. The purpose of this action was to derive profitable traffic to the final website of the project. Here we can see some of the data of the main keywords positioned.

How can we obtain a similar result with our publications?

The process is very simple. And we will detail it in 5 simple steps:

  1. Add your project to Growwer, with all the necessary configuration for your purpose: improve SEO, capture traffic, capture leads… here we recommend that you add in the SEO section informational keywords that may be relevant in your industry. This will take you less than 5 minutes and is FREE.
  2. From Growwer’s list of recommendations choose the website that best fits your economic needs. Let’s imagine it is:
  3. Take this domain and run it through your favorite SEO tool: Ahrefs, Semrush, Sistrix… If you don’t know SEO don’t worry you can always use our managed system and we do it for you 😉.

Go to the section of positioned keywords. For this example, we will use Ahrefs which is our header tool and there it is called “Organic Keywords”. Here we will add two filters, one of minimum traffic, to make sure that this website ranks for this keyword and so if we generate content related to the keyword we will have more chance to rank for it. And another smallest CPC filter, so that the keywords we want to work with have greater business relevance. It should be noted that it depends a lot on your needs, if you are only looking for traffic, profitability, visibility…

  1. Now we have a list of keywords for which this media or blog is positioning and that if we generate related content. For sure we will position an article in Google Top10.

5. As an added trick you have the possibility to add in Growwer filters the option “Insert links in a published post”. So, if that media has this option enabled, you can add a reference to your website direct in URLs that are already positioning this high-quality content:

What are you waiting for to generate publications that actually generate profit for your project? 😉

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