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Today we bring you a new success story of a client who managed to position more than 2K keywords in Google relevant.

First of all let’s show the results of the publication:

As you can see this URL reached 2,100 words positioned in Google, achieving an estimated traffic of 45.9K monthly visits and a traffic value of $35.5K per month. Getting traffic from the main Spanish speaking countries.

In this URL we obtained a total of 24 themed publications, which in addition to generating this traffic in the final URL, have given visibility to the brand in 24 sites in the sector and have thus obtained qualified traffic for the project.

This is a one-off campaign for a special date event where the client in question has one of the most important turnover peaks of the year. With the support of this action and other parallel marketing actions, it has managed to break its maximum sales in one day in 2022.

In addition, the advantage of this publication is that it is a timeless product and being positioned in Google, you can continue to take advantage of this work to continue selling year after year, making a x20 of the initial ROI of investment in this first year.

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